11 February 2008

It's Nice To Have a Day Like This

There are the days where everything feels just right. It all started out when I didn't fall asleep in Sunday school. I actually wanted to be there and was paying attention. You know it's going to be a good day when that happens. And then in sacrement meeting, one of my favorite couples in the ward was asked to speak. Debbie did a wonderful job of enlightening us with thoughts of how to live the gospel daily. Nikoli, her husband, followed with some real comedic genius from the pulpit. I'm going to go so far as to day that I'm pretty positive he didn't prepare a talk and was just winging it. And pulled it off. I'm going to give him a virtual pat on the back for that. I came home and opened my fridge and looked into some very empty shelves. I managed to whip up some tasty scrambled eggs. I used 6 eggs and about 2 ounces of cream cheese. Threw in some basil and chives. Topped it off with a dash of salt and a pinch of freshly ground pepper. Extremely satifying. Give it a whirl. I think you might like it. I cooked six eggs because I wanted to have some ready for breakfast the next day. But I practically ate the whole thing. I'm a champ. I'm like Rocky. I then read a little in a book called Hagakure. It's about principles applied in the Samurai Way. Very cool. I'll post some exerpts at a later date. It totally speaks to my soul. And because it's Sunday, I had to take my Sunday nap. I woke in time for the youth fireside at the former bishop's home. We talked about the youth theme for the new year: Be steadfast and immovable in Christ. Fantastic discussion. The youth constantly amaze me. My eyes sometimes well up with little tears when I think of them. And then it gets worse as a think about President Hinckley and how he was such a champion of the youth. It's happening now. Stop. Ok, it's cool now. I'm under control. We then set personal goals and I was really excited about doing it. I've always been a huge goal setter and really set out to achieve them, but this felt much different than every other time. I don't think that I can explain the feeling adequately. It just felt easy and real. As if those goals were ones that someone else wanted me to attain and I would get more help so that they would seem easier to accomplish than they have it the past. That's the best explanation that I could come up with. Understand? No? Oh well then. When I was driving home, NPR was on my radio. At 7 pm on Sunday nights they have a half hour of short story readings. It's wicked cool. And because it's Valentine's Day coming up, they read romantic short stories. It was so sweet. I just drove around the canyon soaking up the romance. Delightful. When did I become a romantic you ask? I have no idea. This is new to me. I came home and made some Cranberry Bran Muffins--recipe available upon request. While I was baking I was listening to Sheri Dew's talk, God Wants a Powerful People. Yeah, that spoke to my soul also. I went to bed happy and warm, thinking good thoughts and thankful for a good day.