29 March 2009

Can't Get Enough Sharp

Congratulations to John Sharp for his awesome first round KO against Cody Udy last Friday at Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night. It was wicked! This was his long awaited return to the cage and it was an awesome win. I can't hardly wait for John's next fight. What a warrior. Dave Komarov was also on the fight card and won by submission: rear naked choke. What sucked was that I was down in Orem weighing in for the grappling tournament which was taking place the next day, and I missed Dave's fight. I saw the submission from the lobby of the Davis Conference Center as I was going through security. I heard it was a good fight though. I'm so proud of Team Absolute!
Go and check out awesome photos of John's fight at Miyo's blog. Set 1 Set 2. One of my favorite photos of all time is the second one in set 2 where Rob, Cam and The Wrecker are all congratulating John. What a joyful moment. My little heart absolutely loves that image. Great work, Miyo!

16 March 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day To Ye

St. Patrick's Day Graphics

I decided that tomorrow I'm going to go Ye Olde Village Baker for lunch and having a corned beef and cabbage sandwich. Because that's what you do on St. Patrick's Day, eh. Oh, and then I'm going to listen to a truckload of Dropkick Murphy's and Flogging Molly. Yeah, and then lift up a stein and sing loudly and off key. How about ye?

Going International

Is my awesome cousin, Bjorn reading this? If so, how in the world did you find this? I'm hoping that it's you and not some German creeper with the same name. I'd love to get back in touch with you!

15 March 2009

Fight Night Recap

On February 20th, the Throwdown ETC in Orem put on another fight night. Both Steve Sharp and Camrann Pacheco were fighting again. They were AWESOME! I'm so proud of my guys!

Camrann was up against Olly Bradstreet and won by split decision. It was a really great fight to watch if you like jujitsu. Cam had Olly in his guard almost the whole time and was working submissions from there. Cam had a wicked triangle on Olly at the end of the second round but Olly was saved by the bell. Seriously, this guy was purple and gurgling. Cam's jits is tight! Man, I love Cam.

Steve was fighting Dayne Aristizabal, a wicked jujitsu fighter. I've seen him fight at the last couple of Throwdown events and submission grappling tournaments and have been really impressed with him. When I heard that he was taking on Steve, I was really excited for that fight to happen. This guy has got to be fearless for him to have had only two fights prior and then taking a fight with seasoned Steve freaking Razor Sharp. Hello! I admire him for that. Steve ended up getting a knockout at the end of the first round. They stood up the whole round. It was awesome. Great exchanges.

Anyway, you can read more about it here at Absolute MMA's blogspot. Also check out Miyo's incredible photos: Cam's fight Steve's fight

Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night is happening on March 27th, 7:30pm @ The Davis Conference Center in Layton. Absolute MMA has a couple fighters in it. John Sharp (Steve's bro) is fighting Cody Udy and Dave Komarov is up against Eric Tilletson. I'm anxious to see John's fight. This guy is so great and just stepped in last week to fill in for one of our other fighters. He's been training hard and I just know that he's going to come out of this with a win. Let me know if you want to come. If I get tickets from the gym our fighters get more money. So support Absolute fighters!

Grumpy Pants

I had a recent house guest. She thought that my little eye mask was hilarious and decided to take some flattering pictures with my camera while I was sleeping.

I will snap you like a chicken! Waking up is hard for me.

Also, it may appear that I'm naked, but I'm not. I'm an active sleeper and don't think twice when I wake up with one of my arms through the head hole on my T-shirt and my top sheet wrapped 4 times around my leg. Or when my mattress is hanging three feet off of my box spring. Or when I wake up on the floor with one leg still on the bed. Oh yes, it happens.

My excuse for the lack of blogging is not that Facebook took me away (even though I do enjoy Facebook quite a bit), but the fact that I haven't had internet at my house for about a month now. I was "borrowing" the internet from my neighbors at my duplex and then they moved. I've just been too lazy/busy to get my own internet access after that. But I'm hooking it up this week.