13 June 2009

Master Flavio Behring Jujitsu Seminar

We have had the pleasure of having Master Flavio Behring in our gym all last week. It has been incredible learning from him. He topped the week off with a long seminar on Saturday. It was hot and muggy, but we kept at it and came away better jujitsu fighters. I love that our coach, Rob Handley, invests in us and finds ways to constantly contribute to us learning the very best techniques.
Master Flavio Behring Seminar - 13 June 2009
Chris, Me, William and Dave
My awesome drilling partner, Ben Garner. It's always a huge pleasure working with him and learning from him.
Goofing off with one of my favorite friends, Camrann.
I get to train with some very talented AND handsome men!
Matt and Riley. Riley was just promoted to a blue belt. Huge congratulations!
Chris also was promoted to his blue belt and as tradition has it, you have to go through a whipping gauntlet of those that are your ranking or above. Chris has more than his blue belt to go home and show his mom!
I can't get enough of this sport. It's so interesting and challenging. I'm really starting to see some of my progress. There's nothing like grappling with a new person to see how far you've come and there's nothing like grappling with someone that out-ranks you to see how far you still can go. I love having an opportunity to participate in something like this.

10 June 2009

Stefan's Birthday BBQ

Okay, I know you're probably sick and tired of hearing it, but I just need everyone to know that my brothers are the greatest guys on the planet! Period. Or exclamation point, rather.

Why Hello There, Ginormous Snail

I just got home from training and this HUGE snail was on my storm door to greet me. I tried to pry him off and put him on the lawn, but he really wanted to stay there and if I would have pulled any harder than I was I probably would have popped his shell right off. Nobody likes a naked snail. Naked snails don't make very many friends. He actually did a very nice job of cleaning a half inch wide and 4' long portion of the window.

03 June 2009

Air Force Week

I meant to inform you all earlier about Air Force Week taking place right now. Check out the list of events and exhibits here. I've really been enjoying the fly-bys and and the will be attending the air show this weekend up at Hill Air Force Base. The Thunderbirds are going to be in it! Man, I've loved the Thunderbirds and The Blue Angels since I was a kid. I think I even had a Blue Angels calendar one year. I really wish that I would've taken an afternoon off of work and participated in the paper airplane contest at the Downtown Library. I think that I could've done well. I became quite the expert at paper airplane making during church on Sundays. My older brother was seriously a paper airplane engineer. He taught me all he knows. I really should have entered. Regrets suck.