31 May 2009

Object of the Day

Everyone that knows me probably had been a victim participant in one of my homemade games. I love making up games. It's most likely because I have the attention span of a toddler on crack. When I'm at work and a bit bored, the guy that I share an office with and I throw magnets at metal cabinets to see who can get closest to the top without going over. Or we'll put targets on the cabinets and try to hit it. I work with all men in our LAL testing department and we are constantly challenging each other with impossible shots into the garbage can with the lids off of the sterile water containers. There are many others that games that I initiate to squelch the intermittent boredom in the lab, but I'll spare you the details.

The latest game and the one that has attracted the most participants has been "Object of the Day". This is a VTS trademark game so don't even think about taking it and selling it. Do we have an agreement? Alright, I will proceed. A couple months ago I was wearing an enormous earring that, by the end of the day, felt like it was going to rip right through my lobe. I was curious to see how much it weighed, so I put it on one of the balances in the lab. It ended up weighing almost 11 grams! I started going around asking people how much they thought my earring weighed and we all had alot of fun guessing. And that's how OOTD was born. I pick an object each day and go around taking everyone's guesses. The person that comes the closest without going over (Price Is Right rules) wins for the day. I've become quite famous for my culinary talents so the person that has the most wins accumulated throughout the month gets to request their favorite treat and I will make it for them. It has gained quite the following. It started with just a few people in my department and then spread to the entire section and now people in other sections are playing. I'm sure that soon it will receive national recognition. Last month, emotions were high because six or seven people were tied with two wins each by last week in May. The guessing started getting very serious.

I just had my annual review and the high scores were given to me on teamwork/fun category. There was special mention of OOTD as being an excellent team building tool. And this is another reason as to why I am indeed the Professor of Awesome. Thankyouverymuch!

Below is a calendar keeping record of the object, how much it weighed and who won for that day. Paul (my office-mate) likes to highlight his achievement. It's kinda cute, how excited he gets when he wins.

29 May 2009

Little Bunny Button Cute Pants!

After a very scary premature delivery, my new nephew, Daniel Niklas, was born. He came this afternoon and was only 3 lbs 2 oz. I don't think that he's in the clear yet, but he's an Alexander, which means he's a total fighter! Doesn't he look so strong and healthy, considering that he came 9 weeks early?
I didn't know that I could feel so much love for someone, until my niece and nephews were introduced to me. I don't think that there's one thing that I wouldn't do for them. I can't hardly wait to be a mom someday. I don't have a romanticized view of marriage and children, so I know that it's going to be really tough and totally unlike what I might prepare for, but I know that I'd be good at it. And looking at the little picture above makes my uterus ache.

I've been spending alot of time lately with these two little pumpkin peanuts:

They are my older brother's kids and my little pals. I don't even get mad when I'm half awake all through the night because plastic farm animals were hidden under my blankets and consequently puncturing my ribs. Is that something that you get used to or even start expecting when you're a mom? Huh?

28 May 2009

Saftey and Emissions REJECT

Thanks for letting me know in HUGE, fuchsia lettering. I definitely got the message.

What's hilarious about this rejection is that I brought the '92 Volvo in for a safety and emissions test with an exhaust leak in the engine and a broken, rattling catalytic converter, totally expecting to get a failed emissions test. I don't even know why I brought it in like that. I think I was hoping that I could bat a few eyelashes and magically get it passed. When they called my name to get the results, I could see my failure notification from across the room. I went up there and was told that the '92 failed because of a wobbly headlight and streaky windshield wipers. What!?! Awesome.

Good Talk, Bro

Last Sunday, the speaker during sacrament meeting was using his phone to look up and quote scriptures. He apparently had his whole talk on his phone. At first I thought he was texting, and I was thinking that was real classy. When I realized what he was doing I had the guy sitting next to me pull out his ward directory and look up the speaker's number. Unfortunately is wasn't listed. But if it was, he would've received a text from me that would probably have said, "Good talk, bro. Keep it up. Just another 10 minutes."

Only For Rhino

I changed my mind on the whole owning an animal (besides Super) policy. I would willingly take Rhino the Hamster into my home and put him in my tender care.

My favorite Rhino quote: Sometimes the impossible becomes possible when you are AWESOME!
Well said, my friend.

26 May 2009

Game: What Was VTS Working On In The Lab Today?

I was the lucky one that got to do boring growth promotions and this was the agar plate that I used to temper my inoculating loop before adding organisms. Hello! What were you guessing?

25 May 2009

A Sign Of My Age

I now need to wear a knee brace when I go out dancing.

At least I can still shake my tail feather, right? Right!

18 May 2009

I Have A Super Power

The most amazing thing happened to me today. This is going to blow your mind! I was driving to work this morning and happened to be behind a car with a Minnesota license plate. I saw that the state motto was The Land of 10,000 Lakes. I made a mental note to log that bit of information away because I was sure that I was going to see it in a crossword puzzle at some point in my life. Well, I usually pull out a crossword at lunch and try to complete it in my half hour break. I was working diligently on the one that you see below and when I reached 22 across, I couldn't believe it. Whoa. I know! I must be magical. I'm convinced of it.

The Q And The A

Natalie said...
and? And?? AND??? what exactly transpired between your lovely hotness and this gentleman with a knack for grocery shopping and lady spotting? A prolonged gaze? A smile? A wink? Actual speaking? Digits? Come now. He doesn't read this blog. But if he does, then he's a creep. And you don't date creeps.
May 13, 2009 10:16 PM

VTS says...
So......................I pull up at Harmon's and this huge, shiny black truck swoops in and snakes the spot that I was going to park in. I'm a tiny bit miffed and just figure that this guy is a big tool and park in another spot. I glanced at his truck as I drive by and see a logo on the back that makes me think that he's a MMA fighter. He lingers in his truck for a little bit and gets out right when I walked by. He said hi to me and then apologized for taking the spot when it was clear that I intended to park there. He said that he just wasn't paying attention. I told him that it was ok and that he's lucky that I wasn't an old lady or a cripple, then he'd really be sorry. He thought that was funny and we joked for a second. I then asked him about the window sticker on his truck. Turns out that it's not associated with fighting at all, and he explained what it meant. And that's about the point where I felt stupid. Not that the conversation was awkward or anything, it's just that I realized that this guy was awesome and charming and handsome and I wanted him to ask me out and I didn't think that he would because I was just coming from a couple hours of training and was pretty sure that a bearded lady would have looked more appealing than I did at that time. And he didn't. So I went into the store and did my shopping and was walking out when I saw that he was coming out of the other exit. He sees me and waves and does this cute hurried jaunt over to where I was. He walks me to my car and compliments me on the "healthiness" of the items that he saw I purchased. He then asks for my number and tells me that he thinks I'm really cool and wants to get to know me better. I gave him my number and told him that I thought the same thing. And he did call. And we went out last weekend. YAY!

The great thing about this situation is that it was so easy. I didn't have to make all the efforts. He just went for it. And I liked it!

The date was good but we really didn't have alot in common. It seemed like we ran out of things to talk about toward the end, which is weird because we all know that I'm a World Champion talker. I can talk to just about anyone. Well, it's too early to tell.

Ok, so I just re-read what I wrote up there and it is majorly LAME! BORING! YAWN INDUCING! And the last thing that I want to do is become one of those bloggers. I've even considered not posting it, but then I figure that I'd have to answer the questions at some point. So, enjoy!

10 May 2009

Geeking It Up

If you thought this was hysterical, then let's be friends forever.

While we're in Geektown, does anyone want to go see Star Trek with me? Or Wolverine? Anyone? Anyone? Damn.

All Too Familiar

Having only brothers, I swear I've been in this exact situation multiple times before. We always slapped each other around a bit. The great thing is that we all became best friends. I'd rather hang out with my brothers and their wives more than anyone else.

04 May 2009

Back In The Saddle Again!

I might have just found refuge from the dating desert. The oasis appeared tonight in the form of a handsome man in the parking lot of Harmon's grocery. I was in sweatpants and had just come from the gym. I'm sure that it can only go uphill from here.

It's exciting, right!?!

Just wait until he finds out that I can sing House of Pain's, Insane In The Brain like a pro. He'll be putty in my hands.