29 July 2009

In Case You Wanted to Come...

I'm competing in a grappling tournament at the Throwdown ETC this Saturday, 01 August 2009. Fun, huh?! It starts at 9am and the women's division is usually first. The address is 1640 South State Street, Orem UT. Chris Kennedy and Ben Garner from Absolute MMA are also competing. There may be a few others from our team that I don't know about. In any case it should be awesome!

20 July 2009

Could I Possibly Be Any Girlier?

Look at what I just stumbled upon.......

I love it. I want it. I must have it.

18 July 2009

Tournament Time

So the story goes, I was leisurely having lunch with my teammate, Ben, last Wednesday when he brought up the fact that there would be a tournament the coming Saturday. I perked at the chance to see how I would fair with just a few days notice. I ended up doing well. I'm improving steadily was able to test my progression. There was only one other woman registered, who just happened to be very comparative in size and strength. It was a really fun match. I got a really sweet single leg takedown right away and maintained dominant position while working for a submission. She was turtling up well and it was hard to force her to give up a limb or something no matter what position I transitioned into. I was in mount and they stood us back up (what?!). I got her against the wall and dragged her down with a double leg and worked dominant position. the reason that I'm telling you guys this is because takedowns were my trouble spot in the last tournament and I've been working on them since. It was paying off. I attribute my takedowns against the wall to Kyle's lesson last Thursday before class. He offered to meet with me early and teach me some of his go-to moves. And I actually retained them and used them! Thanks, Kyle! I finally submitted with a sloppy armbar at the end of the round. After that match the officials approached me and asked me if I wanted to compete in the men's division. Why not, right? So I ended up going against a guy named Tyson and submitted him with a kimura. Sweet! My next match was with Jared from Fusion. He submitted me with an Americana pretty quickly. But I felt good about what I was able to do against him and had alot of fun. Ben was against him his first match and won on points. It was such a great match! Really fun to watch. My last round was with the same girl that I grappled at the beginning. They wanted to give her another match and she requested that it be against me, again. I took my aggression down a few notches and was just wanted to maintain dominant position because I knew that my experience level was a little bit higher than hers. She still couldn't do anything against me. It felt really great. She ended up getting a bloody nose in the second minute and they called the match. I won on points.

Two other Absolute guys were there competing - Chris K and Ben G. They both did so awesomely! Chris' first round was against Bird Dog from Elite. Chris got him in a tight triangle and held onto his arm for the arm lock. The arm lock was really ON and the guy would not tap! Everyone could hear the popping sounds that his arm was making repeatedly and Bird Dog still didn't tap! Finally he tapped. Phew! I thought his arm was going to snap given another second.

Ben ended up being the tournament champion! The guy doesn't lose! He even beat Noah J again (arm lock). Sorry Noah - maybe you'll get him next time! Maybe. Hee hee. The last match was between Chris and Ben for tournament champ. I think that it's awesome that it was between two Absolute guys. Ben won on points. After the tournament Ben told me how surprised he was in his match with Chris. And I quote, "The guy has another gear that I have not experienced in practice before. That was so tough!" That last match between them was the best of the day. It was fast paced and technical. They both are amazing grapplers.

I had alot of fun today and it helped me to see a little bit as to where I'm at in my grappling endeavors and prepared me for the Throwdown Submission challenge which is on August 1st, and coincidentally my birthday. I'd love it if my friends came and watched me in this one. That would make for a really cool birthday!

So sloppy. My left leg should have been over her head.

Chris against Bird Dog. They guys arm is BOWED and he took FOREVER to suck it up and tap out!

The competitors, Chris, me, Ben and our awesome supportive teammate, Bret.

10 July 2009

Some Good Old Fighting

My Jedi powers will be helping Frank Mir, Georges St-Pierre and Dan Henderson. Oh yeah!

08 July 2009

Congratulations Camrann and Tseitel!

I just came back from Camrann and Tse's wedding reception and it was a wicked party! Everything was done to the 9's. Tseitel looked gorgeous and Cam pulled off the suit with Converse All-Stars awesomely.

Check out the engagement pics of the stunning couple that Miyo took.

Cam and Tse, I love you both and hope for all the goodness in the whole world to come your way.

Holy Hot Dang - Kyle Edition

So this is my kick ass friend, Kyle (Absolute teammate).
The above picture was taken at the Ironman competition in Japan that he recently finished. Is that not the coolest thing?! This was the 2nd Ironman that he's done this year. What a rock star. I'm convinced that he's superhuman. He did 14 hours of exercise! Gah! I'm so proud of him and am inspired by his discipline and dedication to his endeavors. He talked to me for a while last night after jujitsu and he got the wheels turning in my head about maybe doing Ironman South Africa with him which would be 2 years away. Hmmm.

Seriously, I train with the coolest people and the most exceptional athletes. And they all work so well with me. I've been going to MMA team training and most of them have had MMA fights and could most likely take me out instantly if they wanted to. But they don't. Kyle, for instance, always pairs up with me first when we're there together, and will stay at a level where I'm learning and being challenged without ever making me feel bad that I'm not at the level that everyone else is at. I trained some with Superbody (Greg C.) last week and afterwards he said that training with me was good because he got to work out some technical aspects of his fighting rather than try it when some of the others who have lightning quick hands and the strength of the Hulk are facing him. Camrann always makes me feel like an important part of the team. And Rob seems really invested in my success and really pushes me. He's been killing me in jujitsu lately. Killing me! Cannot move or breathe or cry out for help or anything. It's awesome! He knows just how to prepare me for the tournaments. I just love my team. All of them.

Read about Kyle's Ironman here at his training blog, and feel free to offer congratulations if you feel so inclined.