27 January 2009

Holy Hot Dang: Fighter Edition

It doesn't get much better than Georges St-Pierre. He's one of my favorite fighters. He's probably everyone's favorite fighter. And he's not too hard to look at either. He just seems like a really classy guy compared to some of the thugs out there. Check out this recent article. I appreciate the way he wants to help out the image of ultimate fighting. Also, go to this page, which is Georges home page of his website. Just open it up and wait there. A French rap song will start playing and for some reason I find it hilarious. It's just so bad. I need to somehow find out what it is and download it because it just lightens my mood tremendously whenever I hear it. I crack myself up. Sheesh.

So anyway, check out UFC 94 this Saturday on Pay Per View. Georges St-Pierre is going to be defending his welterweight title against B.J. Penn. It should be a really good fight, even though I'm confident that GSP will be winning the fight in the first round. Ok, maybe early in the second. In any case, it will be epic. Let's have a discussion about it later.

08 January 2009

Eye Candy

Chris, Ben, Levi, Rob, Camrann, and Robert
Some of my favorite men! I took this right before the fights started last Saturday night. Update on that coming soon! In the meantime, check out Miyo's excellent photos of Robert's and Riley's fights. She was front row to the cage. Lucky!

07 January 2009


I park in the same spot everyday at work. I back into a space on the far side of the upper parking lot. The reason for this is because the conformation of the parking lot makes it so that I feel like a race car driver when I'm leaving. I peel out and make a hard right to avoid the little island next to me and then a hard left hugging another island, then a hard right to the exit of the parking lot and then crank left immediately onto the drive. It's awesome. And I get mad whenever someone snakes my spot. People ask me all the time why I park in that same far away slot even when the parking lot is empty and I never tell them for fear that they will see how brilliant my parking spot really is and want the thrill that the parking spot will inevitably give them. So don't tell anyone.

Gerald McBoing Boing

I was introduced to this cartoon by someone who had a Gerald McBoing Boing tattoo. I'm a big fan of Mr. McBoing Boing. And I'm pretty sure that it's the greatest last name ever. If I were to marry, I would want that last name. Or McCool. Or McQueen. Obviously it's got to be a Mc something.

On a somewhat related note, I have to ask why all boys are naturally gifted with the talent of making sound effects? I grew up with all brothers and they were amazing at imitating a huge explosion or the sound of a machine gun. I always tried to join in but my machine gun noise (no matter how long I practiced privately in the confines of my room) was more like just saying rat-ta-tat-tat. I'm ashamed. I think there is a sound effect gene that is only found on the Y chromosome.

Awesome Quote of the Week

"I love hot dogs! I don't even care what's in them.......crack, babies, whatever."

-Ben (at Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night)