03 August 2007

The Lake I Hold

The Writers Guild writing exercise of the week:

Write sentences that don't make any sense. Combine parts of sentences.

  1. Every chair breaks when the cat leaps on top of them.

  2. My purse hold a lake and I often touch fishes when I reach.

  3. When I walk on raw eggs they don't crack.

  4. At the birthday party, the balloons are all popped but they still hang in the air like they were helium filled.

  5. I often stare at pictures that don't have anything on them.

Then take one of the sentences and write about it.

The Lake I Hold:

My purse holds a lake and I often touch fishes when I reach.

I have to have them close to me.

It's security to me that they don't have freedom from my purse.

I reach and they're always there.

Every fish is different and I need each one at different times.

They know when I need them and they come to me.

If I ignore them or open my purse hoping to find a different lake, they know and they're mad. But I know that my thoughts control them.

I make them mad on purpose.

Then I concentrate and I can get them back.

I really love those fishes.

So colorful.

So bright.

So willing to be controlled by my mind.


Natalie said...

so brilliant and yet so random. truly fascinating. I wish I had a purse compartment that was a transparent fishbowl.

lydia said...

What a great post Vanessa! I have read several of yours, but comments are sparse, sorry.
This was truly brilliant, as natalie said. I need to exercise my creative mind, I think.

Shann said...

Vanessa!!! I haven't talked to you in person near enough which leaves me grasping for any tid bit about your life. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Write again soon. Okay? Love you and let's get together soon :)