06 September 2007

I Want You

I am a huge Will Farrell fan. He is a comedic genius. When I think of the opening scene in Blades of Glory, with him skating to The Stroke by Billy Squier, I laugh right out loud. It doesn't matter where I'm at. And now I'm pleasantly suprised that he can act in slightly more serious roles. I watched Stranger Than Fiction the other day. What a brilliant movie. It was creative, smart, and new. And Will Farrell was absolutely perfect. I love, LOVE, when Harold brings Anna the "flours". That scene was perfect in every way. When he said, "I want you", I melted into a little puddle. How would that be?! Someone interested in you tells you exactly what they want, but in the sweetest most vulnerable way. He had nothing to lose. I truly am sick of the guessing games with men. I'm tired of wondering what they're thinking. I want someone that knows what they want. I'll give the green light, and then they'd just best go for it. Put your heart out on the line guys! A little courage, please! I promise to be gentle.


Shann said...

Why didn't we watch "Stranger Than Fiction" together? I also LOVED that movie! I thought it was a fantastic premise and that Will did an amazing job. The "flours" was my favorite part too! I would watch it again in a heartbeat. In fact, lets watch it together. Call me!

lydia said...

I don't know if I am treading on thin water by saying so, but Will Farrell is not my favorite actor. HOWEVER (!!) I thought he did a phenomenal job in Stranger than Fiction and I hope he gets casted for more roles where he can be hilarious without having to be a doof! (I feel very similarly about Jim Carey, I like him in roles like Truman Show and Liar Liar...oh, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Brilliant.)
This will come as no surprise to Shanna, but I have some of the same tendencies that Harold has...I am constantly counting things! My latest is how long it takes for my milk to let down when I am pumping. You think I am kidding, but really it is usually on the 21st suction and I am always pleased when it is earlier and frustrated to have to wait until the 30th suction! I don't know what mental disorder this falls under, but I definitely have it!

Natalie said...

Lyd- very nice. I am amused that you count the number of pumps, and I'm not sure I knew that about you.

VanAss- do you ever feel that your life is stranger than fiction? I've sometimes wondered if the story of my life would turn out to be a very different movie. One of those wierd ones that gets mixed reviews at the Sundance film festival.

Vanessa said...

Lydia! I have always liked you. From the minute I saw you, I knew that we would be friends. And I love that you shared the number of pumps it takes for you milk to let down on my blog. I still laugh about that admission. Also, I love reading your blog. Your little angel is beautiful! I want to come and visit soon. I haven't seen her yet!