13 November 2007

I'm Feeling Sleepy

I was choked unconscious today. Collar choke. I didn't want to tap because I was so close to getting my shoulders out from their guard. So close! Didn't get it on time. Next thing I know I was on my stomach with people standing over me laughing and asking me if I was alright. Awesome.


mikemetcalf said...

Congratulations! Way to persevere to the end!

lydia said...

Wow Vanessa! Choked unconscious?? I have been impresses with your involvement at Absolute since day one, but for this I truly have no words.

Natalie said...

I definitely DO have words! DISAPPROVE. Not okay. Dangerous. Worrisome. Unsafe.

Vanessa, I hate it. I know I'm not your mom, but this is no kickboxing class at the gym. Those ladies don't choke each other unconscious, at least not that I've seen. I know you love love LOVE it at Absolute, and so I hesitate to criticize... but I don't think it is cool or cute or tough or FUNNY by any means. Not one bit. I also do not think it impressive to be choked unconscious. Just the opposite, in fact. I apologize for my honesty, I know it will be unwelcome in this case. I just love you too much. I hate to hear about this kind of abuse. I thought you said you were only training, not fighting. Have you changed your mind?

Sorry to respond so emotionally, but I find myself feeling very protective of you.