04 November 2007

It's Official

How do I look? Like a fighter? Yeah! Now I just need some skills. Camrann took these pictures Friday night. At the end of the night. After I'd been training for three hours. That explains why I look like road-kill. In case you were wondering.
I think this is something that I will really stick with. I seems that the trend in my life has been to do something until I get proficient, but never really great. I'm sort of a Jack of all trades. This is something that doesn't seem to get boring. I'm always learning different things. I'm constantly challenged in different ways. It's really keeping my attention. And that's hard to do. Not like that's a suprise to anyone. I'm just a restless person. I was experiencing an ultra restless point when I started doing martial arts. This seemed to settle that feeling down a bit. I think I'll be ok for a while.

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slideyfoot said...

No doubt I'll come across the answer to this in your later posts, but I presume your gym has both MMA and BJJ classes, both of which you attend (or were attending, at the time you wrote this)?