10 January 2010

My Best Pal

I had a feeling that you needed to see this adorable face today. My niece lights up my life. I love that she calls me her best pal. "We're best pals, right Nessy?" And I love that she calls me Nessy.
We went sledding on New Years Day together, and I was so proud of her adventurous spirit. We went to the steep hill at Sugarhouse Park and Mark sent her down by herself on the sled. She hit a bump and went flying out of the sled at top speed. She hit the ground on her stomach and rolled a bit until she came to a stop. Mark and I were at the top of the hill doubled over with laughter, because there is nothing funnier than seeing a little kid eat it. You know it's true! She ran up the hill and wanted to sled all by herself for the rest of the day. Such a champ.
While on the subject of our sledding outing, I must mention that Mark and I got into a snowball fight that ended up with me taking him down from a body lock, maintaining side control until I could get in the mount, and then stuffed his face with major amounts of snow. It was a sort of snowball ground and pound, and it was awesome. Jiu Jitsu is useful in many situations. My big brother will never dominate me in any sort of tussle again! How you like them apples!