14 January 2010

Too Tired to Think of a Clever Title for This Randomness

Diet 7-Up gives me the hugest burps. I'm talking ginormous man burps that have good tone. I drank one with lunch today and let out a world record belch as soon as I got back up to the lab. One of the guys in the next lab over poked his head into my room a few seconds later and just started uncontrollably laughing when he saw that I was the only person in there and therefore was the source of the burp that left the room reverberating. I work with 6 other men in that lab and he was expecting to harass one of them, but no, it happened to come from the only female that works in that lab. I'm not sure if I should feel proud of it, but I kind of do. Heh heh.

One of my co-workers just came back from a 3 week vacation in Peru. He brought me back an Incan ceremonial sacrificial knife. My thoughts turned to what would be on the receiving end of my awesome acquirement. I decided that it's going to be a carrot.

When I was on vacation in Huntington Beach last October I purchased an awesome cover-up cardigan at a local surf shop. It hangs open and has long sleeves and the length hits a few inches above the knee. I was wearing it today at work and as I was walking towards one of the doors to exit the building someone opened it and the wind made my shirt billow out behind me. I suddenly felt as if I was in the Matrix and was hiding heavy artillery under my shirt and felt the urge to reach behind me and pull out one of my pretend Micro Uzi's out of its holster. Or, I was in a Western and wanted to unleash my sawed-off shotguns to defend my family and our land. Later did I learn that these type of coats are called dusters. Do you ever fantasize about this stuff?

I had a great night at Absolute. We were working on choking someone from guard and fine tuning our triangle submission. I had the pleasure of drilling and rolling with Pedro, one of our gym's black belts. It was nice to finally be healthy and be back on the mats. We worked so hard and I was so exhausted that I forgot to stop at the store to pick up a few items that I needed to make dinner tonight. I remembered right when I parked in the driveway. I was having an internal battle on whether to go to the store so I could eat healthy, or settle for a frozen dinner and an immediate shower and bed. The shower and bed option tipped the scale. As I approached my front door, I saw a huge bag lying there with my name on it. Karen, a good friend in my ward, left a wonderful dinner for me as a surprise. She made some delicious beef stew, salad and cornbread. My little heart was about to burst! I felt so loved! I have some of the most thoughtful and considerate friends. I get emails almost every day from friends and family who are checking up on me and telling me how much they love me and pray for me. I was amazed at how generous people were when I was sick with pneumonia, bronchitis and the ear infections. Mr. McHotStuff was bringing over juice and movies almost every other day. My dear friend from Absolute, Chelsea, brought over books, Cheetos and Diet Coke. My neighbor, Michelle, checked on me everyday and made sure I was completely comfortable. Sometimes I feel like the most loved and doted upon person on the planet. I really need to keep that in the front of my mind because often the insecurities will creep in and tell me that I'm all alone and no one cares. But that is absolutely false. I have a support system made of adamantium. Life is good.