07 October 2007

I Heart Post Season Play

I've been watching some good baseball all year. My team was leading the American League East division the entire season. They secured their spot in the playoffs, and having been making me so proud! Wednesday night was their first game, which they won 4-0. Josh Beckett was on the mound. He lead the MLB in wins this year with 20. And the playoffs is where he throws his best. He did not disappoint. Friday night was game 2. Tyler and I went to a sports bar, ate hamburgers, and watched the victory. What a great night. It was a little touch and go there for a while. It was tied up in the fifth inning and remained that way until the ninth. Jonathon Papelbon was put in as our closer and I knew we were safe. He always gets the win. Such a talented pitcher. We get the last at-bat. This is the scenario: Bottom of the ninth. Two outs and two men on base. Manny comes up to bat. He takes a couple pitches and then launches one into left field for a three run homer! Oh man, that was the sexiest thing! There's nothing better than seeing a walk-off homer when you're getting all anxious and agitated. I was afraid that the game was going to go into extra innings. Manny came through in the clutch, once again. I probably embarrassed Tyler pretty bad. I was a bit excited. So then today is game 3, and if they win this one they win the Division Series and go on to the AL Championship Series. I knew they would get the sweep. The Red Sox are just that awesome. There was a test of my faith though. The game started at 1:00 and General Conference started at 2:00. I was severely tempted to just watch the game. A bunch of the guys were going back to the sports bar. I didn't realize that the Red Sox had suddenly become such a priority in my life. I mean I was torn between watching them and hearing the words of the prophet! Yikes! I'm so glad that I watched Conference. It was incredible, enlightening, and everything that my little heart needed to hear. I also felt more worthy implore Heavenly Father to make sure he blessed my team. I think he listened. Wait! I know he listened. The Red Sox won. They're going to get into the World Series. I'm so sure of it. I pray for each of those players by name. Now I just have to wait for the Indians to beat the Yankees, and then my Red Sox are going to take those Indians DOWN!!! Pray for them.

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