23 March 2008

Oh Mother

My mom and I talk quite a bit about my dating life and she has become such an advocate about me finding a good man real soon. Sometimes I feel as if I'm in a Jane Austen novel and have that over-bearing mother whose single concern is marrying off her daughters. Which if we were in a Jane Austen novel, we wouldn't have to worry because there are plenty of male heirs to keep the family estate and take care of any unwed daughters. My case being the only daughter and only unwed child. Her worries in the grand scheme of things are quite minuscule. So she should just calm down. But I can see how my happiness directly affects her. Or unhappiness for that matter. I remember her excitement back when I was going to get married and how when I broke things off, it devastated her because she knew how heartbroken I was. So now she thinks it is up to her to make sure that I stay on my toes about this whole finding a husband thing. And she makes it clear that it's about finding a husband and not one of those immature boyfriends. She sent me an Easter card with some money in it for the purpose of going online and registering on a LDS dating service. She's the one paying for it because I told her that I wasn't going to throw money at something that I didn't think I needed. So if she wants to throw her money at it, that's fine with me. She appreciates the fact that I've been dating, but thinks that online dating would put me in the light of men who do share similar interests and have comparable social skills. Hah! How specific do I have to get on one of those sites? I mean, if there really is a man who loves good rock n' roll, fighting, hockey, baseball, video games, reading, dark comedies, traveling, Thai food, thrives in social gatherings, is secretly impressed with how loud his burps can be, can speak another language and doesn't like house pets, would I really be able to find him online? If so, sign me up.

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Natalie said...

SDM seeking SWF. Must be tall, blonde, strong, smart, sassy, must wear fashionable name brand eyewear, love to cook, must be in leadership position with young teens. No kids, drop dead gorgeous mandatory. Preferably majored in the sciences, but not required.

Contact me eloquently, we could share trail mix together.

I cut and pasted this directly from LDSsingles.com. (yeah right)