22 March 2008

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

This is starting out to be a really strange day. I woke up at the crack of ten o'clock when I usually can't sleep past 7. I'm usually winding up my workouts by now and I haven't even hit the gym yet. (It's noon now). I'm not hungry when the norm is when I wake up I'm starving! No really, stomach growling uncontrollably. Aches and pains in the abdominal region from 10 hours without food. But I didn't experience any discomfort this morning. Also, I'm typing this blog and listening to country music. Like, I actually was turning the station dial on the radio and stopped on a country station. What the...? This is creeping me out. I can't help but think that this may have something to do with watching Disturbia with Shanna and Katie last night. The conversation turned to good kissing scenes in movies (the ultimate winner was the kissing in Last of the Mohicans) and it was said that Shia Lebeouf really owned it in Disturbia. And since I've never seen it, Shanna decides to put give me a little taste of what I was missing. Let me preface by telling you that I HATE horror films. I cannot handle murder and psycho situations taking place in modern times. I get ultra scared. Which is funny because I love war movies and movies such as Troy and 300. That violence doesn't bother me at all. But when it comes to something that could potentially take place in my neighborhood and things that involve scary supernatural beings, I get the s--- scared out of me. I can't even watch the trailers in the movie theaters. My heart starts beating super fast and I freak out. Well, we start watching the movie and it's pretty uneventful and not very scary. And then it gets really scary, really fast. So then the good kissing scene comes on and right then, at the neighbors house, you hear a chainsaw and blood is sloshed all over the window. Whaaat...! Ok, that will ruin all good kissing for me. Who can seriously appreciate good kissing when the such a thing as that is so vivid on your TV screen? This look of distress came on my face and Katie and Shanna started giggling and apologizing for the fact that they forgot about that part. The rest of the movie watching experience went by with Shanna fast forwarding through the remainder of the show and explaining the fly-by images popping up on the screen. So I got the gist of chopped up bodies and decaying corpses. Disturbing? Yes. Am I thinking how anyone could possibly find this entertaining? Yes. Will those images haunt my dreams forever? Uhm...yes. So now I'm questioning all these strange things that are happening to me. There's some supernatural force inhabiting my home now. Ahhh! I'm totally freaking myself out now. Heart rate increasing.


Natalie said...

I used to love - LOVE - scary films. But recently I seriously can't handle them. For the same reasons you said. If it could happen in some suburban neighborhood, then there's probably a guy out in the trees watching me through my curtain-less window right this very second. Right? Right? I've gotta get motion sensor lights. I'm so serious.

Natalie said...

I still miss you, btw. Happy easter.

Shann said...

I loved this post! It was a perfect description of our Friday night...talking about kissing, not actually being the one doing the kissing. Ha ha.

It was great hanging out with you. Let's do it again real soon.