20 January 2008

Appreciating A Good Hockey Fight

I went to a Grizzlies hockey game Saturday night. There is nothing like sharp blades scraping the ice and muscular, sweaty bodies hurling into each other at top speeds. I can't get enough of it. Quite a few fights broke out during the game. There were three major multiple person fights with helmets being ripped off and blood spilling. And there were about 10 less-significant, forceful shoving fights, with many a dirty word being said. I didn't actually get to hear the profanity, but the Jumbotron overhead made for some good lip-reading. The Jumbotron also displayed some of my booty shaking skills while we were doing the Hokey Pokey. I really shook it all around, if ya know what I mean. 'Cause that's what it's all about! Later, while I was walking out of the arena, someone from work saw me and told me that they liked my little dance. That's not embarrassing at all.
Remember those ESPN commercials where someone would innocently be standing on the street gazing into a store window and suddenly a hockey player in full gear would come up and bodycheck them into the glass? Yeah, that was cool.
Sometimes I wish that bodychecking or throwing off the gloves were more socially acceptable. I mean, we could have a rule that someone would deserve a bodycheck for when they do something really dumb, such as taking up two parking spots in the over-crowded work parking lot for their huge diesel truck that they don't use to actually haul anything. Or when someone is in the left turn lane and before actually making the turn they swing really far to the right and into your lane, forcing you into the lane next to you, which makes the others to your right angry and thinking that you're the stupid driver. Or for snowplowers that create an incredibly high snowbank behind your car that you have to spend 20 minutes clawing at with your flimsy driving gloves because there is no shovel at hand. Or for those people that pick the locker directly next to yours in the gym when the entire locker room is empty, making it extremely awkward as you try to change into your sports bra. We could start with those circumstances and work our way out from there.


Natalie said...

I second that. Mandatory bodychecking for needless stupidity. Just the visual of it makes me smile. Love this post!

Natalie said...

PS Did I compliment your shiner yet? It's hot. Not all black eyes are hot, but yours is. I showed it to Rhett, and he said you look surprisingly great with a black eye.