16 January 2008

My Dad is Cooler Than Your Dad!

My dad never gives Christmas presents to us kids. He lets mom do all the thoughtful stuff like that. This year was different. He might be softening in his latter years. I received this Christmas card:
You can't top that advice. This is the best Christmas card I've ever received. And i love how he writes in all capitol letters. It's always been like that. For the record, I can't remember one time in my life when he has actually called me Vanessa. It's always been Vaness. He will not say the A at the end of my name. The only time has been when he has given me a blessing or something where a full name is required. It's amazingly endearing to me now.
For my present, he got an old cardboard box and put a week supply of Snap-On Tools socks and a Snap-On Tools beach towel in there. No wrapping paper over the box. I love those socks! I think I blogged about those socks once before. I mean these socks are definitely noteworthy. What a thoughtful man. Who would've thought?!

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