17 January 2008

I Should've Been More Careful

You know those emails that have been forwarded 300 times and promise to curse you and your children if you don't send them to 8 of your closest friends within the next 10 minutes? Well, I think I've deleted one too many of those. A hex is upon me. I feel it. One person shouldn't have to endure such a long string of bad days like I have.


lydia said...

You know what, Vanessa, I genuinely like many of the forwards that come my way, but if/when I get to the end and it says those ridiculous "now forward this on to such and such number of people to have good luck," I tend to get repulsed and end up deleting it without sending it to a soul.

Sorry for your string of bad days! But no worries, friend. It has nothing to do with forwards.

Natalie said...

I just neglected one such forward, however this one was over text. "You have to tell 20 people you love them in the next 10 minutes, or you'll have bad luck for all of 2008 - GO!" I wrote back to the person sending it that it was lame, but I still love just her.

So far, my luck's been great.

lydia said...

See, that's exactly what I am talking about, Nat and Vanessa! Just ruins a perfectly good forward, imo.