16 January 2008

I'll Take A Punch to the Head, Please.

So everyone has been freaking out about my black eye. It doesn't hurt one bit. I can't even tell you exactly how it happened, except that I got it sometime last Friday night at Absolute. What people don't realize is that I get injured more from everyday stuff than I do training in martial arts. For instance, I was cooking dinner on Saturday night and sliced the top of my thumb off whilst cutting an onion. I cut right through the fingernail. I was trying to stop the bleeding for almost an hour. I would rather take a shot to the face than go through that pain again.
Another example is moving the furniture around in my bedroom. I just have a cheap metal bed frame and when shifted gently, it will fall apart. And it did. Right on my foot. Mercy.
Also, I went ice skating tonight with the youth in my ward for our Wednesday night activity. I'm a pretty confident ice skater. But you put me in rental skates on a rink with 200 other kids all between the ages of 12 and 17 and I really, really suck. There were so many kids on the ice not paying attention to where they were going. They were grabbing on to me whenever they lost their balance, pulling me right down with them. Some punk kid plowed into the back of me at a fairly high speed which caused a serious faceplant. My butt and knees are throbbing.
After all that, a bony elbow to the head doesn't sound too bad.

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