02 April 2008

April 1

For a known jokester, I did not pull one April Fools Day prank. Tragic. I know that people around me where bracing themselves wondering when one was coming. Nothing.

Yesterday I read an article that talked of the best April Fools Day pranks in history. This was a really fun read. Someday, when I'm filthy rich and clever enough to think of a wicked awesome prank, I'm going to make the list. Just you wait.

My personal favorite was of an Arizona newspaper that ran an article about a new charity formed that would benefit the homeless, called 'The Arm the Homeless Coalition.' This new organization would provide the homeless with guns and ammunition. And the public bought it! It got national attention before it was revealed that it was a joke. Man, that was pure genius.

The president of the lab I work for made an announcement that there would be coffee and donuts in the lunchroom to celebrate good invoicing for the previous month. Everyone started filing down the stairs and into the lunchroom where the president and the lab manager were there just laughing at everyone. Not just a chuckle either. No, this was a bent over and tears in the eyes kind of laugh. No one else thought it was that funny. Later that afternoon there was another page telling us that they were sorry and that there really are donuts and OJ down in the lunchroom this time. Nope. Still a joke. And it was even funnier to them this time around. Jerks.


The Picketts said...

Yes, April did come like a good kick to the chucks! What the F-prompt is that all about, sneaking up on us like that?

AZ people must be REALLY stupid! Yesterday, Jason was telling me that on the Radio, they announced that 3 of the major freeways were going to be turned into toll roads starting immediately. The majority of the people in his office were FREAKING OUT (since they have technicians driving everywhere). Jason tried to inform them that it wasn't true (didn't even occur to him that it was April Fools) but everyone insisted it was true becaue they heard it on the radio and saw it on their website. Man - I live in a GREAT place. I just hope it doesn't rub off TOO much!

P.S. - I'm a little disappointed that you didn't do anything! I still remember our "lame" times in the good ol' IPM. Honestly - I think back and have to chuckle at how dumb we were! I wish someone would have "kicked US in the chucks" for being so stupid! (I should get a prize for saying "chucks" 2 times in your comment)

Anonymous said...

That's a bunch of BS! That's why I'm never going to start one of these piece of crap Blog thingys that only take up time and money!

lydia said...

Did you see the gmail one? They had this link for New! Custom Time email that they said you could send an email at any time/date you wanted and it would show up in the recipients email in the correct chronological order. yeah, they got me.

Then Mike told me to click on one of the Featured Video's on YouTube and when I did I got RickRolled! Sweet prank.

Vanessa said...

Schnak P! You're right. Prizes should be given for the use of chucks in the comment section of this blog. You have the priveledge of kicking my brother in the chucks for leaving that stupid anonymous comment. How 'bout that!
Glad to see that you stop by regularly. It's a delight to entertain you.

Lyd! I would kill for that email feature. My joy at seeing such an option would override any common sense and I too would fall for that prank.

Natalie said...

I like those guys. I would laugh till I peed my pants I think.