07 April 2008

The Showdown. Be There!

I have a very important announcement to make. It involves two men and a cage.

Do you want to see something that will send your heart racing? Do you want to see men who are trained and conditioned to almost superhuman ability? Do you want to see men with intense discipline and fortitude battle it out for victory? Do you want your world to be rocked? COME TO THE FIGHTS!

On Friday April 18th at the McKay Events Center in Orem, Throwdown Elite Training Center is hosting The Showdown. Although I enjoy going to all the fights, I have special interest in this one. Camrann Pacheco, frequent commenter on this blog and instructor at the gym I train at, is entering the octagon. And of course I will support Cam 100% in all that he does. This guy is a machine. I feel sorry for his opponent. Truly, I'm sorry. I know what Camrann can do. I've taken kicks from Cam when he was using only half the power that he's capable of, and have ended up with bruises the size of bowling balls. This guys form and power is something that many of us at the gym aspire to. You're not going to want to miss this fight. Trust me. I predict Camrann takes the win by knockout. I can sense it by using the force.

A little Showdown snack:

Fight Card
Mike Whitehead vs Soakai Pulu
Travis Marx vs Rad Martinez
155 lb
Derek Downey vs Tim Panter
185 lb
Dan Gardner vs Casey Carter
170 lb
Tua Lino vs Eric Fredrickson
Camrann Pacheco vs Casey Beckstead
145 lb
Paul Sizemore vs Tallon Tores
Dan Bishop vs Craig Ross
145 lb
Usabio Sams vs Harold Lucambio
170 lb
Alexis Burkman vs Johnny Miller
135 lb
Derek Downey has been to Absolute and has trained with some amazing fighters. His ground game is excellent and I am extremely excited to see him participate in a MMA fight.
Ben's younger brother, Johnny Miller, is also a contender. I saw him fight at the Weber County Fair last August. This guy is fierce! I didn't understand too much about MMA back then, but I thought it was the best fight. We sat front row, and at one point Johnny had his opponent on the ground against the cage and he was standing up over him landing some really hard hits. Intense. But I've been informed that we're mortal enemies because we train at different gyms. Both him and Ben train at Bernales Institute of Martial Arts and I'm at Absolute. I love it! I've always wanted someone to call a mortal enemy! It sounds so...Mortal Kombat. Harold is another fighter that trains at Bernales. I saw him grapple at a tournament last year and he was very good. He just fought last weekend at Jeremy Horn's Fight Night and lost. So he's going to be going hard for the win. These fights should be awesome. Trust me.
Anyone reading this should come. And I can get tickets! You can enjoy a night full of action with me for only $20! I should re-phrase that sentence. Nah. You know what I mean. Come and support local fighting. Which in turn will support me! I want you to come! RSVP in the comment section. If you aren't able to make it, I want to know why! I need all my readers to leave a response.


Kathleeannie said...

Yo, what time does this event take place at?

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

For some reason, I was under the impression that YOU were also making an appearance as a fighter - or grappling? Is this false?