21 April 2008

Maybe I Do Want To Be A French Fry!

Have you heard that radio commercial promoting Burger King's dollar menu? I hear a 400 times a day. Let me explain.

The conversation is between an employer and a brand new employee.

Employer: Welcome to the company. We're excited to have you on board.

Employee: Thank you, and I quit. Could I get paid now?

Employer: What? You've only been here for two seconds. You want me to give you the dollar you've earned?

Employee: Yeah. Do you have any idea what I can get for a dollar? (Employee then proceeds to explain what the BK value menu contains and what he's going to use his dollar on...blah, blah, blah)

Well, I've done the math and figured out what kind of money this moron walked away from. If this guy was paid hourly he would be making $1,800/hr. He would earn $14,400 a day, based on an eight hour day. His annual salary would be $3,744,000! Who would quit that job?! This commercial totally bugs me for that reason. Everytime I hear it, my mind starts wandering and contemplating what kind of job that must be and whether or not I'm qualified for it.

For your viewing enjoyment, I've posted one of my favorite Burger King commercials.

Hahaha! It hasn't stopped being funny.


Natalie said...

Here's the thing: I LOVE chicken nuggets. But those chicken fries look nasty. Have you tried them? I'm not sure I dare. But what if they've surpassed the greatness of the nugget? What if they're wonderful? I don't want to have to go to burger king over this.

Vanessa said...

Fat Nat. I'm proud to say that I never have had a chicken fry. I just thought the commercial was hilarious. Actually, I don't think that I've eaten at a Burger King since 1996. I'm more of a Crown Burger girl. I also avoid the chicken at these sorts of establishments and go straight for the beef. How about you go and check it out and report back to me.

lydia said...

That is a great commercial. And speaking of french fries, are you busy on May 17th? (Smooth transition)

With Mike's tweaked knee, he's not sure if he'll have enough training for the 1/2 marathon and so when thinking of possible people to ask to run it with me, you are (quite honorably) the first to come to mind.

Anyway, I don't have your phone number, so I apologize for this uncustomary approach, but seriously, you interested?

mikemetcalf said...

Turns out my knees are made out of chicken fries... Made from chickens with frail iliotibial bands. Just trying to tie the topic a bit here... cut me some slack.

Vanessa said...

Man, it still is so funny.

LYDIA! Thanks for thinking of me. Count me in. I need to get one of those milage tickers now. Keep me on track. I was actually thinking about starting a training blog like you did. I think it's such a great idea. I'll call you to get details.

Mike. Nice try. Highly entertaining. You going to try and fight me with a bum knee? Can't even run away now. Sucka!