27 April 2008

This May Only Be Funny Because I Have a German Mom

I've been too busy to blog lately, so I'll just leave you with this commercial. My bro introduced me to this and it made me think of my mom. Her thick German accent was the cause of much ridicule, which never fared so well because she's...uhm, German...and therefore humorless.


The Picketts said...

Ok, - so I'm not even joking when I say that the first time I saw this (a while back) I DIED of laughter and it immediately became one of my favorites! Cracks me up every time! I can imagine it's even funnier with a German Mama!

slideyfoot said...

Out of interest, did you notice her accent when you were younger? My father is Turkish and my mother is German: I could tell my mother had an accent, but not my father.

My girlfriend says it's obvious he's not English, but I can't hear it in his voice. Then again, her mother has a strong Northern Irish accent she doesn't hear, so works both ways. ;p