09 June 2008

I Rule On The Throne Of Never-Gets-Anything-Done.

Hey all of you millions of VTS readers! I wish that I had the time to post a lengthy, literary masterpiece about my mid-June adventures, but lately I've been over my head in important grown-up stuff that is way beyond my maturity level. I had a hundred billion things to do today and I can't check anything off my list. I spent 11 hours in the lab today (not including the hour and a half lunch break that I took), which really put a damper on any progress that I was trying to make on my task list. I did manage to make friends with a widowed neighbor lady who wanted to walk to the corner 7Eleven and get a Diet Coke. Man, I love meeting new people. Everyone has a great story that they are just so willing to share. I'm excited about my new friend.

So here is another short post with the promised old ads:

They are so right! I'm at my happiest when I eat lard.
This one is awesome. This could solve all my problems with men's indifference toward me. Lesson learned.
You just never can tell. Better safe than sorry.


B & J said...

Hey! - Are you and Kristi Roommates yet?

What are your Friday Nights Like!? - we should do dinner or something -- my fridays (Except this week) are mostly free, and Bran works, but if there is another night that is good let me know

- Jen

PS: "We're happy because we eat Lard"

Natalie said...

I'll ask again: Where do you FIND these things?

blf said...

Well, it just looks like I need to get myself some lard! If it works for them, it'll work for me!