30 June 2008

From The Warmth Of Feeling Fine, To The Battle Lines

First off, I just drove from downtown to 7200 S on State street without hitting any red lights. What the...? I know! I was freaking out! North Temple to 7200 S! I am not yanking your chain right now. This was for real. I just...I just....can't wrap my mind around it. I wanted to stop at 7Eleven for a Diet Coke, but couldn't bring myself to end the amazingness of it all.

Also, in an effort to post the most unflattering picture of myself, I would like to present black eye number four.
I'm waiting to see if anyone picks this up off the internet and uses it in an awareness poster that reads, "Just Say No To Drunken Bar Fights."

1 comment:

The Picketts said...

You're still gorgess to me!!! Check out those blue eyes! If I were a guy, I'd totally ask for your number in a totally cool way like, "Hey baby, what's your sign? Don't know? That's ok - I'll settle for your phone number!" (Yeah, I just made that up just now..I know, I'm pretty smoooooth when it comes to pick up lines! They don't sound stupid, corny and totally lame AT ALL!)
And WAY TO GO with the red lights! That's amazing!!! Are you using the "Secret"???