10 June 2008

My Secret Shame

I'll admit it. I really want to see Never Back Down. I fully realize that it is not an accurate depiction of mixed martial arts, but it is a modern day Karate Kid! And the fights in it could potentially be good since they are all choreographed. I'm sure I missed my chance to see it in the theaters, so I think (since I don't own a TV) that I would say yes to the first person that invites me over to watch this movie, and I would bring the most delicious treat EVER to thank them for their generosity.

Here's a clip of what you can look forward to.

Did everyone just change their minds?

I also want to take this opportunity (since I am admitting secret shames) that I had the world's largest crush on Ralph Macchio after I saw the Karate Kid. I was so fickle when I was much younger. I was fully devoted to Luke Skywalker for the first part of elementary school, but as soon as I saw Daniel LaRusso's moves I was easily swayed. It has all come full circle now. I have always had the love of martial arts and now instead of manifesting itself by making me fall for a dorky character in a movie, I'm participating in it. I understand myself so much better now.

And because this all goes together so well, I'm just going to tell you one thing more. And please don't hold this against me for the rest of my life. Promise? Ok. I had this fantasy a long time ago when all my friends were getting proposed to, that my guy would put on that "rising sun" headband that Daniel LaRusso wore and sing The Glory of Love song to me. I must clarify that I don't want that anymore. I would probably be horribly embarrassed for any man that would ever really do that. And I am embarrassed that at one point in my life I actually thought that a display like that would be a good idea. What a tragedy.

You can't tell me that after watching that video that you didn't want to kick that guy in the face. I wouldn't believe you if you said no. Peter Cetera is painful to watch.

Now that song, in theory, is adorable. If any man really thought that way about me, or wanted to say those things to me, I'd melt like a tube of lipstick in a hot car.


The Picketts said...

You're invited to watch that flick at our house!!! Come on over with that TASTY treat...heck - we'd watch it a couple of times with you if you wanted! Ok - if you really came over, we'd even provide the TASTY treat for YOU! What do you say

and for the record, No, there is NOT a cuter little girl in ALL the world that Gracie! HE HE HE

lydia said...

Proof positive...

Video SO killed the radio star.

Natalie said...

melt like a tube of lipstick in a hot car.... great analogy.

Vanessa said...

Whaaaat! The only offer I get is from someone who lives in Arizona? Sheesh.

Lydia? Shann? Jessi? Anyone?

Nat, please ask Rhett if he wants to watch this with me. He's always up for the utterly rediculous.