17 June 2008

Way Past My Bedtime

I've got quite a while to sit here and spill out all the contents of my brain on this post. I'm making some desserts for a birthday celebration of some people at work tomorrow. I was asked today if I would do it. Today. Of course I would do it. So I got home at 9 and started making an apple cake and a chocolate bundt cake. The baking time on each is almost an hour. Pull up a chair.

1) Call me crazy, but I love this dress. Or maybe I just like the way that Natalie Portman looks in it. Or maybe I just want to look like this. Yeah, that's it.

2) I heard a crazy story on the radio this morning about someone throwing a cigarette butt out their car window and starting a brush fire. I knew throwing those things out the window was dangerous. I'm paranoid when I run over a burning butt because I think somehow one little cinder is going to find a tiny breach in my gas tank and my car is going to explode leaving me to die a horrible, painful death.

3) Super is losing scales. A significant amount of scales. I would say that he has lost one third of his total body scale count. Is that bad? Should I be worried? Does anyone has any information on extreme fish scale loss? I mean, besides telling me that he's getting old.

4) Get some Witch Hazel. I had some pretty serious mat burn from Jujitsu on Saturday. Someone told me that Witch Hazel astringent would heal that up. And it did. And now I want to profess my love for Witch Hazel from a mountain top!

5) I just checked my email. Apparently I'm the heir of an extremely large amount of money from a distant relative in South Africa and I'm supposed to send $5,000 to get the money out of litigation. Let me write the check and then I'm taking the next ten people that comment on my blog to the Caribbean!

6) I have a pen pal at work. I'm going to call him The Reporter because he's in the reporting department (my creativity goes to bed before my body does). He randomly emailed me about something and now we write back and forth all the time. We share book recommendations and exchange encouragement on the different projects that we're involved in. It's strictly platonic, but very enjoyable. I thrive on meeting new and interesting people. I love getting to be good friends with others that are so different from me. By doing that I feel as though I am constantly learning and gaining a different perspective on things and it has helped me be able to relate to all types of people.

7) I met Ben's family. It was such a comfortable situation. If it would've been a few months ago I would've interpreted the invite as something that it wasn't. It finally feels like we're friends again. For a while there I thought that he was completely done with me. But we've started working on the business again and being friends. It was nice seeing him around his family. He was less Ben The Almighty and more Ben The Chillaxed. His family reminded me of my family. Everyone is so different but the dynamic of those personalities together is amazing. I really enjoy his mom. She's so laid back and comfortable to talk to. His dad fascinates me and I can't explain why. I'd have to spend more time around him to figure it out. His sisters are beautiful and very personable. Unfortunately his brothers weren't there. I've heard stories and now am curious.

8) I just fell asleep on my computer desk. My left typing hand settled into a pool of my own drool. I'm such a drooler! Is there a drug of some sort that can help control saliva production? I split my lip open at Absolute a week or two ago and the amount of drool that was coming out of my mouth while my lip was swollen was unbelievably sick. I had no control whatsoever. I would wake up and have my entire pillow wet with drool. Please don't judge me. I'm very normal in so many other ways.

Except this one:

I can totally do that just like Garth Algar. No lie. Well, I tone down the pelvic thrusts a little.

I can't think of anything more to write about today. I wish that I had something scandalous to tell you, but I don't. Sorry. And good night.


Jess said...

I'm so relieved to hear that someone shares my fear of driving over burning cigarette butts! I say a little prayer every time.

I really enjoyed this post. Tired randomness is great.

blf said...

Mmm! Apple cake! Tasty tasty!

And yaaay! You're taking me to the Caribbean! Just let me know when you receive the inheritance and I'll pack my bags!

I'm glad you and Ben are back to being friends. That's really nice that you got to meet his family!

B & J said...

So, we're going to africa, then? - SHOOT! - Why couldn't you get an email from Europe or Hawaii or something... :( Yeah, so when are you hosting a tea for me and Kristy Kay? Also: condolances... Poor, poor Super... Maybe he is just balding... Get him a girlfriend, maybe that will help ?

Vanessa said...

He eats girlfriends. You think I'm lying, but I'm not. I've tried getting him some tankmates and they always turn up dead the next day. Super rolls solo.