14 June 2008

My Very Last Trip To Lagoon--EVER

Tragically our company had a Lagoon Day last Thursday. And even more tragically I agreed to go. I really should've stayed home because I had so many other things to catch up on, but I told some others in the Aerobiology department that I would go a long time ago and feel really lame when I back out on such things. The thing is I don't really enjoy amusement parks. They are so dirty and you're sitting in and touching things that a trillion other probable non-hygienic people have sat on or touched. Also, this outing was in Mid-June with school just getting out the week before. I stood for 20 minuets in line just to go on something that I liken to a massive centrifuge. It felt like all my organs and parts of my blood separated out and ended up in my right foot.

I rode all the roller-coasters and those weren't too bad. They didn't make me puke, but they did make some choice words come out of my mouth. Nothing like being plummeted to what seems like inevitable death to make you scream Mother Effer. I kid, I kid. It was more like, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Sorry to those of you that are offended by my foul language (please don't flag my blog), but that is what was said in those moments of eye-bulging horror. I'm just keeping it real here.

I went with a few girls that I worked with in my old department. Ashley and Adrianne are fellow Nelson employees. Emily, Ashley's cool younger sister, also came with us. Emily and I get along so great. We both have similar playful personalities. We were at the park for almost 7 hours, which was 3 hours longer than I'd hoped that we would stay. There came a point where I was done going on any rides because I was positive that I would spew everywhere. I was thinking back (while I sat on a nearby bench eating a churro, watching the others snake through the lines) to when I was much younger and my family would take trips like this. I grew very tall, very young. I was 6 feet by the time I was in 8th grade which made me a complete social disaster, but that is a story for another time. I could go on all the rides that most others my age couldn't go on because I passed the height requirement. My older brother would actually cry because I could go on the terrifying roller-coaster rides with my dad and he had to stay behind and watch. I remember thinking that I really didn't want to go those on those rides but would anyway just because it made my brother mad. Man, I'm so rotten.

Adrianne, Emily, Ashley, and Me
Don't you want to hurl just looking at this picture? I think I just did in my mouth a little bit.
Ashley straddling Adrianne. I'm not a big fan of those two people in one seat rides. Emily and I rode together in this thing and we were one massive display of arms and legs. We are both 6 feet tall. We could hardly contain our limbs in those little cars.
Emily, Ashley, Adrianne, and Chad on The Rocket. We met up with Chad and his girlfriend, Twee, a bit later in the day. Twee was a bit of a chicken when it came to the rides. Chad had scratch marks in his arm to prove it.

Barely tall enough to get on!

Uhm...if you tell me not to, I won't.
Twee, Me, and Adrianne


The Picketts said...

Seriously, Ness - You look FABULOUS! I wish I was as hot as you!!

Natalie said...

Agreed with the gorgous comment above. Simply smashing darling. My family almost made this same mistake last week. My little bro was in charge of planning a fun family activity (his punishment for bailing on the last family trip) and he chose Lagoon. Everyone agreed because he was so excited about it, but turns out everyone was just faking it to be nice. Thankfully, those large crowds persuaded my dad to take the fam to a movie instead. The Hulk, by the way. ALMOST as good as Ironman.

blf said...

I agree! You look smokin'! I think the trip looks like fun (you know, except for the roller coasters. I'm a bit of a weenie when it comes to those..). Say hi to Adrienne for me!

Pebbles said...

Well said.