24 June 2008

I'll Wasatch Its Back Again Next Year

Call me crazy, but I think I want to run this race again next year. What changed, you ask? Well, firstly, I think that I'm a better runner than I was last year. Secondly, I knew my entire team. Thirdly, I had cooler times in the day to run. Fourthly, our team finished earlier than projected. All those things combined made for a great experience. Plus, I think I just knew what to expect this year and wasn't surprised when I had to wake my achy body up at butt o'clock in the morning after only two hours of sleep to go and run 7 miles. I just told it to shut up and run. And it did. And I felt like an All-Star. And I was. And still am. Just sayin'.

The race was pretty uneventful except for the the unfortunate experience of me being in one of the Port-A-John's, retching, while our runner was coming through the check-point of our last leg. Yeah, I was embarrassed. I took an 800 mg ibuprofen an hour before, didn't eat anything and it ripped up my stomach. I was nauseous my entire last leg of 5.9 miles. Lesson learned.

Shannon (in black) at the starting line.
Zach, Becky, Shannon, and Quint.
Great. The only picture taken of me was at night when I was wearing the required reflective vest and headlamp. And I don't normally run with my head down. I have no idea what I was doing at this moment. Wait, is this even me?
The scenery was unreal. Sometimes the beauty of it made me forget how much I don't like running. Like for 3 seconds. Tops.
Shannon and Quinton
Jeremy (Shannon's bro) joined our team when one Nelson employee dropped out. Shannon has wanted to set us up for a while. Uhm, yes please!
Stretching the legs
Zach was a champ during this race. He doesn't quit no matter how much it hurts. He had a brutal uphill stretch at Avon pass and he conquered it. He kicked that hill's ass!

Shannon passing off to Becky
Zach passing off to Jeremy
Jeremy passing to Quint. Or maybe Quint is just giving him some water. Or just maybe I wanted a picture of Jeremy with his shirt off. Hmmm.
Jeremy completely the last leg for our team. I can't tell you the relief that one feels once you see that last person cross the line. You know that you can get a in a shower soon and have a decent meal without wondering how it's going to sit in your gut once you start running again. And you finally get to be able to sleep. SLEEP! Oh sweet sleep. Oh sweet, sweet mattress with fluffy down comforter. You laugh, but I wanted to write poetry about the love I felt for my glorious bed after that race was through.
The celebratory beer (or Gatorade if you're me).
My second Wasatch Back medal! I'm kind of a big deal.


B & J said...

Vaness! - HUGE CON-GRATS - thanks for the recap!! Does the medal mean you placed first, or is it a participation trophy like in kid's soccer... ;)

Shann said...

First and foremost: You look AMAZING!!! I love, love, love, that picture of you with your medal. You are so freaking beautiful!

Secondly,way to go!!!!! I'm actually regreting being a wimp and not signing up for the relay again this year. I knew so many more people that did it this year than last year. I really think it would have been funner because we knew what to expect. I loved running with you last year! Will you let me tag along and be on your team next year? AND Lydia and Mike....Oooo! That would be one crazy fun team! Think about it.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Shann! You're too generous with your compliments. I felt haggard when that pic was taken.

I might actually be running with Team Nelson again. We're already talking about it. In any case, if you want to run it you'd better sign up soon. The slots are filling up fast. The race was a third bigger this year than last year. It's growing exponentially. I bet you that the race closes by late August or early September. Just a heads up.

Peds this weekend?!