01 July 2008


I'll always stand by Wayne and Garth, but Andy Samberg is steadily climbing my list of people containing a high level of comedy. Have you seen Hot Rod? Trust me, it's not for everyone. As for myself, I must say that being a continual optimist I choose to extract the deeper meaning from these movies and apply them to my daily living, giving me a grander and more fulfilling existence.

Could I also mention that I really, really want to be friends with David Grohl. Him and Taylor Hawkins were the double punch. I'm pleased that he would agree to make such an appearance.

Now that we got Foo Fighters on the brain I need to ask if anyone knows the story behind how the Foo Fighters got their name. This morning on 94.9 The Blaze, Marcus in the Morning (this guy is such a tool) was telling us that the Foo Fighters were really supposed to be the Food Fighters, but that when their album and other associated paraphernalia went to the printers some doofus messed up and forgot the D on the end of Food. Whatever. Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana, not a musician based out of his parents basement. If he wanted the band name to be Food Fighters, then it would've been the freaking Food Fighters. Marcus is the doofus. Well, I got a little help from Wikipedia and they enlightened me as to what a foo fighter is. Based on that info, I definitely think that the Foo Fighters intentionally meant to be named after foo fighters. With that being said, I must go and eat some edamame, feed Super, check the baseball standings, take the trash out the the street and then dream sweet dreams of the Science Policeman. Good night.


B & J said...

That's it... I am sending you a helmet- and you can wear it 24/7!

The Picketts said...

Ok - I know why we're friends now! Jason and I LOVE Andy Samberg...AND HOT ROD! Ok, so maybe it's not our FAVORITE movie, but for some odd reason, we find extreme humor in other people's pain. We die from laughing - EVERY TIME! AND - as far as Hot Rod goes...I've yet to hear anyone else quote the classic dialogue that comes from that movie. I need to watch that movie again.

Vanessa said...

My name is Vanessa and I like to party.

ANDY Samberg. I'm baffled as to why I wrote that his name was Adam. Thanks for the correction, Schnak. We were definitely meant to be friends!