15 May 2008

Fight On

Alright, it's that time again. Jeremy Horn is putting on a Fight Night this Saturday, 7:00 at the Salt Palace. Cort McGee is the main event. He's always great to watch. I'm not sure yet if I will be attending due to the fact that I will be running in the Ogden marathon that morning. That normally wouldn't be a big deal, but seeing as I haven't trained at all for this, I'm wondering if I will be down for the count the rest of the weekend. I even took Monday off from work already anticipating that I will be non-functional. I'm truly relying on last years marathon training to get me through this. Pray for me.

I've been emailing Jeremy Horn over the last few weeks to see if he needs any volunteers for his shows. I want to be more involved in the MMA scene and figure that contacting the promoters of these shows would help.

The first email I sent to Jeremy was very professional, stating who I was and what my intentions were. I told him how long I've been training and my gym affiliation. I described my love for MMA and explained how I could help in his shows. When I didn't hear back from him I emailed him a second time expressing intense desire to participate. I also played up some of my incredible qualities. Still no answer. Another email was sent and I decided to be Ms. Sassy Pants. It was light-hearted and fun. Again, no reply. I emailed him one last time and told him to put his gloves on and meet me in the cage! You'd better pack a lunch and bring a friend Jeremy, because it's going to be an all day event. Sucka! Foolish Sucka! I just checked my email...nothing. I bet he's scared.


lydia said...

You're posts are the best. I love you, Ms. Sassy Pants.

p.s. the race went great! Mike did awesome!!! He's so glad he decided to run, and thank you again for being so willing, and then so understanding when those plans changed at the last minute.

Natalie said...

scaredy pants.