12 May 2008

There's No Place Like The Ballpark

Man, those Bees are really bringing on the heat. They're something like 13 games ahead in their division. So impressive.

I totally took this sweet picture last night.

We've got a great ballpark with the mountains as a majestic backdrop. It's too bad that there are like a billion empty seats. Maybe it'll fill up a bit more once the weather decides it wants to remain warm. Last night was frigid. Some random guy told me, as I went to use the restroom, that it was so cold he could cut glass with his nipples. Uhm, thanks for the info? But I've never heard that expression before and was entertained by it.

Well, this night was especially awesome because a group of guys that I sat with at a ton of the games last year was there again this year. Ben (shady little guy in the back), Crook (in the orange), and Nick are the loudest, funniest guys at the ballpark. Crook moved to Arizona last fall but works for an airline now, so he's planning on coming up plenty to watch some good baseball. I guess the Diamondbacks just aren't cutting it for him. Who knows? Anyway, I can't really repeat what was said (I'm trying to keep this blog in the PG-13 category), but know that I was laughing so hard that my eyes were watering. The Bees players love us because it's pretty clear that what is said is affecting the opposing team. They start looking over at us and shaking their heads and such. I thought my trash talking was pretty clever, but it is nothing compared to was these circus animals got. Sweet Lincoln's mullet!

I've got to go to bed. I'm starting to turn into an ogre. It is way too late to be doing this.


Natalie said...

nothing like an obsenity-slinging orange-clad fuzzy man to keep you warm at night, eh?

Vanessa said...

You know what I like.