10 May 2008

Fighter Lawn Service

Seriously, I wasn't even complaining about having to mow my lawn when Camrann offered to come over and do it. I was leaving the gym and just merely stated that it had to be done. I know that I complain about lawn mowing quite frequently but really, I didn't this time! I don't know why I hate it, I just do. The hardest chores for me to do is fold laundry and lawn mowing. Everything else is cake.

The sucky part of all of this is that the neighbors are tactless about my lawn care habits. The old couple next door will constantly ask me about my schedule and make me give a time when I'm going to take care of it. What the crap?! Is that your business? Really? Another neighbor couple will take walks and when they get to my yard they will stop and inspect the length of my grass. Then they'll shake their head in that disappointed way. Argh! You'd think with this behavior that my lawn is this overgrown jungle where you need a machete to make your way to the front door.

What came of this is that members of my ward that live nearby have been asking who that handsome man mowing my lawn was.

"Oh him? That's just my man slave."

"The one in the black? If I told you, I'd have to kill you. It's best to just forget that you ever saw him."

"That guy? Oh my gosh! I didn't tell you that I got married in Vegas last week? Best drunken mistake of my life!"

Next time I'm going to have to ask him to take his shirt off. Those abs of steel will really raise some eyebrows.

It's nice to have someone think of you and take care of you like that. Camrann is an angel. An ass kicking angel.

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Natalie said...

And what girl doesn't need an ass-kicking angel?

Rhett showed a big brown spider who was boss just the other day. I think that counts.