11 May 2008

You Can't Tell Me That It's Not True

I make my blog public so that many may enjoy my massive genius. I'm certain that I have many "lurkers" or "blog stalkers" that frequent this page of literary splendor. I recently checked how many profile views I have received and was surprised to find that over 300 people have looked me up. Last time I checked I think I only had around 14. And I will shamelessly admit that I'm thrive on comments. Just can't get enough of them. So last week I received an anonymous comment on this post, and just had to let that person know that I enjoyed their remark and hope to hear from them in the future. Thank you, my friend, for your candor. I appreciate your honesty in telling my that I do indeed look like Trent Reznor. I do like to tell myself that it isn't the dark, brooding, angst ridden, satanic look that this resemblance is based upon. We both just have glorious bone structure and an ethereal milky white complexion.

Also, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, you are not the first to tell me that I look like Claire Danes. Ever since Romeo + Juliet came out in 1996, I have been compared to the gorgeous Ms. Danes. I have scrutinized pictures of her and still just cannot see it. Until the other day when I saw this picture.
This looks exactly like me! It's just too bad that this is a still from Brokedown Palace and she is serving a jail sentence in less than sanitary conditions and that's why she looks the way she does. Figures. BUT, I finally know what you all are talking about when you say that I look like her.
The most random likeness I've received was from someone who thought that I looked like Janice, the Muppet. Funny. But at the same time, not funny.

Also, recently I've looked at my profile picture and finally concluded as to who I look like in that photo. Check this out:

You can't tell me that you don't see it. Would it help if I photoshopped a blue hoodie on myself? Maybe if I had more of a sinister smile? What if my brows were furrowed a bit more? No, I think they're adequately furrowed. That shouldn't make a difference. Why didn't any of you tell me?! I hold you all responsible for letting me walk around the blog world looking like Skeletor, the mastermind of evil. Thanks, guys. Really appreciate it.


Natalie said...

My mother-in-law thinks you look like a Norwegian super model, and I couldn't agree more. And she happens to be fascinated that you are also a brilliant microbiologist.

Thanks for being my nerdy norwegian supermodel.

The Picketts said...

You know - I love that I know YOU! Seriously, I log onto my little blogspot and quickly sift through the thousands of comments that people leave for me (yeah right! A girl can dream). Then I click on each of my "Favorite People" to read what fun lives they are leading. However, I wait with baited breath as I click on the one that says "Vanessa." (I think it's fate that puts you at the end of my list - something about saving the best for last). I leap for joy each time a new blog is posted and I read entry slowly, savoring each word that your cute little fingers type. I am always on the edge of my seat to see what clever thing you will come up with this time. Honestly Vanessa - you never cease to amaze me! NEVER! That's why I adore your guts! Write on sister! Write on!
P.S. Yeah, I must agree with the previous comment - you beautiful Norwegian Supermodel, you!

Vanessa said...

Awww Nat. *hug*
I seriously love that I know your mother-in-law. But see here, Willow is just the dearest, sweetest woman and can only see the good in others. So everyone looks like a gorgeous ethnic supermodel to her.

As for you Schnak, you are just too good to me. Thanks for commenting regularly. I look forward to them. I'm glad that you enjoy my randomness so immensely. It's a pleasure to entertain you. I too look forward to your posts. You are one awesome woman!