17 May 2008

Men With Motorcycles

There's a new guy at work who is smokin'! I met him last week at our company cinco de mayo party. He's one of our new Quality Assurance auditors. I was standing by him in line while waiting to get some tacos. He was wearing those 1980's style sunglasses, brought back by Kanye West. What a tragedy.

Anyway, this guy is hilarious and smart and cool. Did I mention very handsome? I didn't think too much of it until he started instant messaging me through our company system. Holy shameless flirtation, Batman! All last week! Everyday. Asking me out for lunch. Wanting to give me a ride on his sweet motorcycle. Never has a man been this forward with me. And never have I felt like such a woman because of it.

Last night, driving home from work, I was thinking about how I really like motorcycles and how great it is that new work boy has one, and how I should date more guys that have them. Well, right then, at a stoplight on Redwood Road, a muscled handsome man rode up on his Harley, looked over and winked at me. I blushed a little and looked away. Then looked back. He was right there smiling at me. Why wasn't this blasted light changing!? Another coy glance his direction and he gestured for me to roll the window down. And I did! What! He started talking to me and asked if he could give me his phone number. I thought it was cool that opted to give me his instead of asking for mine. I memorized the number and then the light changed. So now I'm left with this dilemma. Do I call him or not? Sure he was good-looking, smooth, and confident. Sure he was riding an awesome Harley. Sure that I'm sure that he's going to be a rich, cocky, meathead. So do I call anyway?


Anonymous said...

Ness. It's JP. You're making me jealous with this post. You know I'm the one in love with you. What ever happened with your boss? I remember you saying that he was the best you met. Conclusion to that? Your blog rules. Your personality really comes through in what you write. You're fiesty and everyone would agree that you can't help but have a ton of fun when you're around. And no you can't go out with that guy. I don't need more competition than I already have.

Vanessa said...

Holy hotness, Batman! It's JP! My friend, you know that pairing two incredible specimens together would set an impossible standard for everyone else on our planet. And because we think about others, we can't share in the love that we both have for each other. C'mon JP, we've talked about this before.

And as for the (ex)boss...we're friends. And it's good like that. I've been over it for a long time now. And I realized that despite all his awesome-ness, and great stories and interests, it's impossible for him to make any kind of connection with someone on an emotional level. What woman wants that? Realizations like that make it easy to move on.

You got me blushing with all your generous compliments. Thanks man. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Hope to hear from you again.

Natalie said...

Naturally, I would encourage you to call. But does *67 work on cell phones to block your call from showing up? He could be a creep but overall I support motorcycle rides with strangers, or new coworkers for that matter.